General Resources for Teaching

Discernment should always accompany study, and it is especially important when searching for information on the web. We present the following sites as useful sources for articles and resources. While we believe they are reliable, we do not necessarily endorse all of their content.


Christian Classics Etherial Library - An immense electronic library of hundreds of classic Christian books in the public domain, free to download or copy for any purpose. Very valuable.

Biblical Backgrounds - Company that produces maps, timelines and charts for teaching the Bible in its historical context.

Library Messianica - Articles from the past centuries discussing the Messiah from a Jewish and Christian perspective.

Images and Biblical Art Images - Lots of digital photos of Israel and Biblical topics free for downloading for teaching presentations.

Webshots - Religion - Hundreds of large images uploaded by members for downloading. Includes paintings of biblical scenes and the life of Jesus.

The Bible Revival - Christian public domain clip art / color and B&W.

Christian Theological Seminary Image Library - Paintings of biblical scenes and photography, most in public domain. Extensive links to other image sites too.

E.N.T.E.R - Electronic New Testament Educational Resources - Felix Just. Biblical art and religious music, extensive list of links.

Bible Art Gallery - J. Dominguez. Many links to images from paintings for Bible stories.


Bible - Pictoral library of images from Israel and other Bible lands. Has links for every location, and excellent general study links. Many beautiful images available on website, even more on CDs.

Holy Land Photos - Bethel College - Digital images from various sites in Israel available for download for free.

Free Israel & Jerusalem Photos – - also has page of free Christian stock photos. Pretty nice collection.