Jewish Culture and Hebrew Sites

Discernment should always accompany study, and it is especially important when searching for information on the web. We present the following sites as useful sources for articles and resources. While we believe they are reliable, we do not necessarily endorse all of their content.


Jewish Encyclopedia - A searchable online Jewish Encyclopedia in the public domain - published in 1905. Not useful for current events, but has good articles on Jewish traditions and biblical interpretation. - A large knowledge base of questions and answers about Jewish belief and practice.

Jewish Virtual Library - Outstanding online collection of articles on every possible topic, with very nice sections on Jewish culture and on Jewish prayer.

Judaism 101 - Lots of basic questions answered about Judaism.

Center for Basic Jewish Education - Lots of basic articles on all aspects of Jewish belief and culture.

My Jewish - Personal Gateway to Jewish Exploration

Navigating the Bible II - Hebrew/English translation of the Torah, commentary, and even chants the text as it is heard in the synagogue!

Bluethread Glossary - A glossary by Reformed Jews of many biblical and Jewish words.

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Has articles on Israel and Jewish culture and history. This link is to an article on Jewish ceremonial objects - tefilin, mezuzah, etc.

Legends of the Jews by Louis Ginzberg - Compilation of many of the ancient stories (midrash) that Jews have used to illuminate the biblical stories. Some are pretty fanciful!

Jewish Studies Resources - Princeton University Library - Nice collection of links to many topics in the study of Judaism.

Ethics - - A collection of readings from an orthodox Jewish perspective on how to be an ethical person - topics like honesty, integrity, gossip, business ethics, etc.

Jewish Heritage Online Magazine - Monthly articles on Jewish culture. Topical section has interesting articles on biblical themes.


Biblical Language Center - Has immersion courses in Israel to learn Biblical Hebrew as a living language, in order to think and speak it. Very effective for retention and comprehension. Highly recommended by EGRC staff, who have participated in it.

Hebrew For Christians - Nice site for learning Hebrew, also for Christianity's Jewish heritage

EKS Publishing - A publisher of a lot of excellent materials for learning Biblical Hebrew, including flash cards, word magnets, comic books and posters, etc.

Hebrew for Me - Lots of puzzles and Hebrew vocabulary games as Java applets that run on web browsers. Fun for learners.

Hebrew Resources - Has lots of helps for learning Biblical Hebrew. Sign up for their free email "Hebrew Word of the Day" or enroll in a course online.

Morim Hebrew Learning Tools - Another good site with a lot of helps and tools.

Hebrew Word Studies - Jewish Heritage Online Magazine - Articles on Hebrew words and their variants - very interesting.

The Hebrew Alphabet - Description of various Hebrew alphabets, the system of adding points for vowels, and assigning numeric values. Also has links to download the fonts.

Ancient Hebrew Research Center - Teaching the ancient Hebrew language of the Bible through the study of the ancient Hebrew alphabet, culture and thought.

Hebrew Letters - printable chart and links to audio files for pronunciation