Links to Biblical Feast-Related Sites

Discernment should always accompany study, and it is especially important when searching for information on the web. We present the following sites as useful sources for articles and resources. While we believe they are reliable, we do not necessarily endorse all of their content.

Biblical Holidays - A very nice site with a lot of articles on the feasts and how to celebrate them as Christians. Has an excellent book called A Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays.

Festival in a Box - Nice site with explanations of the biblical calendar and ideas for how to celebrate the feasts as Christians. [NEW]

The Holidays of God - Spring Feasts - Radio Bible Class Ministries Discovery Series.

The Holidays of God - Fall Feasts - Radio Bible Class Ministries Discovery Series.

The Feasts of Israel - Christ-Centered Mall - Many pages, explains each of the feasts.

The Jewish New Year - A very extensive site with all sorts of articles about Rosh HaShanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot, and other things. From Chabad, an Orthodox Jewish group.

Passover on the Net - Lots of articles about Passover - Jewish, a less traditional viewpoint.

Virtual Seder Plate - A site that explains various aspects of Passover and the Seder meal. Jewish.

Passover - At - a Jewish website with an enormous amount of information on all the feasts. Here is the section on Passover.

Jewish Holidays - Union of American Hebrew Congregations - Links and information on each of the feast from a Reform Jewish perspective.