Bible Study Links

Discernment should always accompany study, and it is especially important when searching for information on the web. We present the following sites as useful sources for articles and resources. While we believe they are reliable, we do not necessarily endorse all of their content.

For General Study

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia - Large database of facts about biblical topics.

Search God's Word - A comprehensive Bible study site that has links to Bible search engines, Bible dictionaries and encyclopedias, commentaries, and ancient texts.

Online Study Bible at - Enormous amount of Bible study helps online. For every verse of the Bible, dozens of commentaries.

New English Translation (NET Bible) - Biblical Studies Foundation - a new, non-copywrited version of the Bible that is free to download. Also has Bible studies, commentaries, helps.

Bible Gateway - Search the Bible in 9 languages and in many translations. Has cross references and study notes.

A Little Bible Handbook - Very basic guide to reading the Bible for beginners.

Audio Bible - A site that has recordings of the whole Bible available to listen to online - uses King James Version. Site has very big print - intended for those with vision problems.

Bible Versions and Translations - Has search capabilities to other sites with many, many translations of the Bible.

The Scroll, Multimedia Study Bible - Online Bible study resource, with free download from Electronic Christian Media.

Biblical Studies Info Page - Ferrell Jenkins - Many useful links on every possible Bible study topic.

Old Testament

Old Testament Gateway - Tabor College - Extensive list of links for study of each book of the Old Testament, along with archaeology, non-canonical books, Dead Sea Scrolls, etc. Excellent for in-depth study.

Knowing God through the Old Testament - Radio Bible Class - Overview and articles on the Old Testament.

Old Testament Book Studies - - Lots of articles about passages in Old Testament books.

New Testament

The Gospels: A Hebraic Commentary -, a messianic Jewish web site. Commentaries by Rev. Bob Doty.

Life of Christ - Nice site with lots of links and studies on the life, teachings, and history of Jesus.

New Testament Gateway - Dr. Mark Goodacre, U. Burmingham. Comprehensive, annotated list of sites pertaining to study of the New Testament. Very useful.

Paul in His Context

The Paul Page - Dedicated to the New Perspective on Paul - Mark Mattison - A page devoted to essays about the new scholarly understanding of Paul in his Jewish context. Has essays both pro and con (mostly pro) and an extensive bibliography.

Paul and the Pauline Epistles - - Comprehensive list of links to sites about Paul

The Journeys of Paul - Luther Seminary - Nice introduction to Paul's missionary journeys.


Life at the Wellspring The blog of Lois Tverberg, Ph.D., our former Director of Programming and Research, who is posting Hebraic articles from her personal study and writing.