Welcome! The En-Gedi Resource Center is an educational ministry that helps Christians grow in their understanding of the Bible and their Messiah, Jesus, by providing resources to study them within their historical context.

We believe that knowing Jesus in his original Jewish, Hebraic context can deepen our relationship with him and help us bear fruit as his disciples.

Like the oasis in the parched Judean desert, En-Gedi seeks to be a source of living water to those who thirst for deeper understanding of the Scriptures.

Latest News (September 2015)

The En-Gedi Resource Center has a new website. This address (EGRC.net) will stay active for a little longer, but be sure to update your favorites to our new address:


From the new address, you'll still be able to access this website from the "Classic En-Gedi" link until everything has been moved.

When you go to the new EnGediResourceCenter.com website, you'll notice that everything is arranged topically, to make it much easier to find things. For more news about the new site, go to this link

En-Gedi is now under the oversight of Lois Tverberg, author and co-founder of En-Gedi. You can read her post "Celebrating my Return to the En-Gedi Resource Center" on her blog Our Rabbi Jesus.

Look for these items and others on this website:

The En-Gedi Online Resource Center / Bookstore

Bible commentary series and study articles

Devotional articles on the Bible's Hebraic context

Articles by other authors and scholars in this field

Links to other useful sites on Jewish Roots, Israel, Archaeology,
Language & Culture, Bible Study, Biblical Feasts, and others

A glossary to help you get started

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