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If you have any trouble with our online bookstore, send us an email or call 616-536-1971 for help.

Make a manual payment to En-Gedi  
Sometimes it may be necessary to make a manual credit card payment to the En-Gedi Resource Center to cover extra shipping charges or to purchase something at a price other than we have listed on our regular store items. 

To allow for any amount in dollars and cents, please click the button which reads
“Add To Order”
and then update the “Qty” field to enter the value of your payment in cents ( ¢ ) — that is, the number of dollars ( $ ) times 100.

For example: ... for $29.85 —> enter 2985 in the quantity field.

Be sure to click the “Update Cart” button to see the proper amount reflected in the “Price” and “Amount” field. At the bottom of the checkout page, space will be provided for you to leave a note as to what the payment is for.

** Note: Shipping charges will not be added to this item, so please include those in the price of your item if they should be included in the payment.


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