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The Bible speaks in words and phrases that come from a very different culture, place and time. Sometimes its Hebraic ideas and images sound foreign to our ears, but when we enter the minds of its authors, we discover wonderful new depth and meaning. Come with us as we learn from the Bible's rich phrases and imagery, and gain new insight on its words for our lives.

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Listening to the Language of the Bible is a guide for discovering the richness of the Scriptures in their Hebraic setting. Using the tools of language and culture, it unearths beautiful nuggets of new meaning from the Bible's ancient words. From seemingly odd phrases, it shares rich insights that do not translate well from culture to culture. The book examines many topics from the perspective of the ancient writers, including prayer, family and the promised Messiah. It also looks at the powerful sayings of Jesus in light of the Jewish culture of his time.

The book contains more than 60 brief, illustrated devotional articles that unpack the meaning of a biblical word or phrase for our lives. It is intended both for personal reflection or small group discussion. With many additional references, and topical and scripture indexes, it will be useful as a continuing reference for Bible study.

Listening to the Language of the Bible was designed and written by our directors, Lois Tverberg and Bruce Okkema, and published entirely by the En-Gedi Resource Center. It would make a lovely gift for a friend, or to share with a group of study partners.

An excerpt from the introduction:

Anyone who studies the Bible will notice right from the start that it often speaks in words and phrases that are difficult to understand. We need to remember that the scriptures come to us from languages and cultures very different from our own.

... If we delve further into the minds of the Bible’s authors, we often discover that their strange-sounding language actually contains rich insights that are not always apparent in the English translation. These insights are often key to understanding the text and applying it to our lives. We also discover rich poetry, humorous irony, and timeless wisdom when we hear their thoughts more clearly... 

Come along with us as we open the Scriptures and discover keys that will unlock hidden treasure for our lives.

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A review from Halvor Ronning, Member, Jerusalem School of Synoptic Research; Director of the Home for Bible Translators, Jerusalem, Israel:

"Listening to the Language of the Bible is outstanding in its ability to communicate biblical concepts like nuggets of gold. Each article is succinct, and yet penetrates deeply with its precious insights. Using another simile, one can compare each of these short articles to the tip of an iceberg which gives a glimpse of a huge looming reality to be discovered. Whole doctoral theses have been devoted to some of these biblical concepts which are so attractively and enticingly presented. This book presents short, pithy, hard-hitting insights in just the right doses... Highly recommended for those wanting not only deeper intellectual understanding, but wanting to grow into more joyful and deeper discipleship. This is a HOW TO manual for following our Lord Jesus in a more genuinely and biblically true way."

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