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        Listening to the Language of the Bible
   Reviews and Reader Feedback:

"Listening to the Language of the Bible is outstanding in its ability to communicate biblical concepts like nuggets of gold. Each article is succint, and yet penetrates deeply with its precious insights. Using another simile, one can compare each of these short articles to the tip of an iceberg which gives a glimpse of a huge looming reality to be discovered. Whole doctoral theses have been devoted to some of these biblical concepts which are so attractively and enticingly presented. To use a metaphor, the reader is tantalized, savoring the flavor and realizing that many appetizing banquets lie ahead for those who pursue these studies further into the world of Jesus, His language and His culture. I highly recommend this book for those wanting not only deeper intellectual understanding, but wanting to grow into more joyful and deeper discipleship. This is a "how to" manual for following our Lord Jesus in a more genuinely and biblically true way." Halvor Ronning, Executive Director, Home for Bible Translators, Jerusalem, Israel

“I think the Hebraic insights you have brought together in this book are valuable for Christian living. I will talk up this work for those looking for solid material on Hebraic roots of our faith.” Marvin Wilson, Author of Our Father Abraham, Professor, Gordon College, Wenham, MA

“This book has opened a door to my bible study that I had been knocking on for a long time. This is the perfect introduction to Hebraic thought and culture, and is done in an easy to understand format that draws the reader to do their own study. I had been searching for a simple introduction to these concepts, but didn't know where to start. Reading this book has broadened my understanding in a way that will forever change the way I read and study the Word. I especially love the study guides that are provided; they have added greater dimension and meaning as I apply the terms and concepts to my own walk with Yeshua. It is such a blessing when you find a book that is so interactive and personally applicable.” Janice Foster, Jacksonville, FL

"It is exciting to be able to write you this letter about your wonderful book. I have never read anything written from evangelical Christian authors remotely like this. When I read material such like Listening to the Language of the Bible I can be quite critical, but this is precisely what the body of Christ needs to understand, NOT just evangelical Christians but the entire BODY of Christ. In short - THE connection!…to Hebrew (the sacred tongue), to Judaism, to the cycle and Brit Hadasha meaning of the Jewish year, to the Eretz Yisroel, to Clal Yisroel, the culture. This book was just the beginning, right? ..." Ruth Berghorst, Zeeland, Michigan, USA

“WOW, I am so excited about this new book! This is an excellent guide for discovering the richness of the Scriptures in their Hebraic setting. It’s wonderful – balanced, simple to understand, yet packed with deep information.” Robin Sampson, President, Heart of Wisdom Homeschool Publishing, Stafford, VA

“I've got the book two days ago, and have read all of it already. All I can say about it, it's grand! This will be super reading for someone who needs to understand Jesus in his Hebraic setting.” Rev. Barbara Di Gilio, Director, Mayim Hayim Ministries, Phoenix, AZ

“Your book has been a tremendous blessing to my family, and I and one we recommend with every chance we get to other families knowing without a doubt it will be a blessing to them also!” Cindy Elliot, Keciro Homeschool, Bay City, TX

"We are so overwhelmingly impressed and blessed with your book. Great job. It is with us wherever we go so that when delays occur, one or the other of us is buried in your work, our own obedience to God's command to 'redeem the time wisely.'" Alan and Susan DeGraw, Jenison, MI

"I love your book because I enjoy the Old Testament. I try to study and gather understanding about the society, life and thinking of the people of Israel. I especially am blessed with learning about Jesus' teachings with an understanding of WHO Jesus and the apostles are teaching and how they understood their teaching. Your book will further my spiritual understanding of my triune God and His relationship to me and to those I minister with and to. " Joe Tanzola, Midland Park, NJ, USA

"I just want to thank you for your ministry. You have been a true blessing to me as I am daily seeking to know more about our Father and His kingdom. I love your book."  Tim Smith, Lynchburg, VA

"I heard about your new book in your quarterly newsletter late last year and I thought, I would like that for Christmas, but I told no one. Christmas came, and my parents surprised me by giving it to me as a gift. God whispered my wish unknown to me to my parents...Your book is a gem. Thank you both for writing so well." Steve Kolk, Seattle, WA

“I LOVE the book. I have purchased six copies for friends. Right now, I am using the book as a daily devotional book, and will continue to use it as a reference. I look forward to more books in the future.” Jennie Lee, Tupelo, MS