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This page includes an index of all the commentary from the beginning of the year through the current week. The list will continue to grow as the weekly articles are developed.

January                                                                    Back to Top
The Good News Starts in Genesis Genesis 1
Do you have the Faith of Abraham? Genesis 12
All in the Family! Genesis 25 - 40
Jesus' Habit of Hinting Matt 11, John 10
What is the Kingdom of Heaven? Matt 19
February                                                                   Back to Top
What Did Jesus Mean by "Do Not Judge"? Matthew 7
God's Amazing Replays Acts 2
Leviticus: God's Way of Teaching Leviticus
Holy, Holy, Holy Leviticus
March                                                                        Back to Top
In The Name of the Lord Matt 10
Paul, The Gentiles and the Jews Acts 21
How to Love the Lord Deuteronomy 6
Praying the Way Jesus Did Deuteronomy 8
April                                                                           Back to Top
New Beginnings, Again and Again  Joshua 3
Love is the Fulfillment of the Law Romans 13
A Judge as a Savior?  Judges 1
An Amazing Mountaintop Scene  Mark 9
Hearing Jesus' Hidden Messages Mark 11
May                                                                            Back to Top
Son of David, Son of God 2 Samuel 7
Jesus, King of Kings 1 Chron 17
Son of David, Builder of the House  1 Cor. 3
How to Be a Disciple  1 Kings 19, 2 Kings 2
June                                                                           Back to Top

Idols in the Land 2 Kings 17

Idols in the Land 2 Kings 17
The Context of Paul's Conflict Galatians
Visitors to the King 2 Chron 9, Psalm 72
July                                                                            Back to Top
The Good Samaritans 2 Chron 28, Luke 10

The King Who Forgave Debt Luke 4, 6

Esther: The Rest of the Story Exodus 17, Esther

Jesus' Rabbinic Teaching Style Luke

The Stone the Builders Rejected Luke 20 - 24
August                                                                       Back to Top
First Things First  Psalm 89, I Cor. 15, Col. 1
Fear and Trembling? Philippians 2
The Richness of Hebrew Words
The Hebrew Concept of Wisdom Proverbs
September                                                               Back to Top
Come, Let Us Go Up Isaiah 2

Messiah, Mighty God? Isaiah 9

Life is in the Blood Gen 4, Lev. 17

If Anyone is Thirsty...
A Most Amazing Discovery Isaiah 53
October                                                                    Back to Top
Bread from Heaven John 6
The Great Shepherd John 10, Ezekiel 34

The Fragrance of Christ John 12

Encouraging Evidence James, John 18 - 19

November                                                                 Back to Top

Love Your Neighbor, Who is Like You James 2, Matt 22, Luke 10

Sins of the Fathers Ezekiel 18

Living Water Flowing Ezekiel 47

Son of God, Son of Man Daniel 7
December                                                                 Back to Top
Seeing Prophecy Through Jesus Malachi, Revelation, Luke 4, 7
Gracious, Compassionate, Slow to Anger Joel 2 , Exodus 34, Jonah
The Kingdom Breaks Forth Micah 2, Matt 11, Luke 16
Forever and Ever...Hallelujah! Zechariah 12, Rev. 11
Our Final Dwelling Genesis - Revelation

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