"Jesus the Master Teacher" Tape Series
by Dr. Randall Buth

We are happy to be able to offer you a cassette tape set consisting of five 40 - 60 minute teachings, which Dr. Randall Buth delivered to seminar audiences in Holland, Michigan on November 10 - November 11, 2001. Audiences at the seminars found his talks challenging and fascinating, explaining many texts in the gospels that are hard to grasp if you don't understand Jesus' culture.

This tape set along with an excellent study booklet containing the scriptures and other relevant texts is available through the En-Gedi Resource Center for $20 + tax and shipping.

If you would like to order this online, please click here or call 616-355-2200 and ask for the Buth Tape Series. Please include your shipping address and phone number, indicate how many sets you would like and what method of payment you prefer.


The topics of the talks are:

Session 1: "What be "Commandment Big" in the Law?" How Jesus described having a saving relationship with God in the language of his first century Jewish culture, using the ideas of the kingdom of God, the Shema, and covenantal terminology.

Session 2a: Rabbinic technique: Gezera Shava - Linking Scripture Texts - How Jesus used a sophisticated technique to tie texts from different places in the Old Testament together in his messages, like "My house is to be a house of prayer" and "You have made it a den of robbers!"

Session 2b: Peter and the Rock
- Why did Jesus say to Peter "Upon this rock I will build my church?"

Session 3: The Message of the Vineyard - How Jesus' parable about the wicked tenants of the vineyard would have been interpreted by his contemporaries. Also, an explanation of the wordplay that relates the "son of the owner" to the "stone that has been rejected".

Session 4: Binding and Loosing: Exercising your Senses to Discern Good and Evil - Discussion of what the often misinterpreted terms "bind" and "loose" mean, and how God allows his people to decide how his law is to be interpreted.

Session 5: Your Money or Your Life! - When Jesus is trapped with the question of whether it is right to pay taxes to Ceasar,
his critics were blown away by his brilliant answer. Hearing him within his culture adds great impact to his words.

Dr. Randall Buth is an expert on biblical languages and has served as a Bible translation consultant for 20 years in sub-Saharan Africa. He has written numerous articles on biblical studies and translation, including many in regard to understanding Jesus within the Semitic languages and culture of his day. He currently teaches biblical languages at the Rothberg International School at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel.